I would like to rave about two young people who helped me Tuesday night. A lady who works at Wal Mart can out to help me fix a flat and a young man named Aaron came out to help as well. Thank you. These are two fine young individuals who went above and beyond to help a strange person. Thanks for everything.

Has anyone thought that maybe our kids are not getting well at school is because we are sending them back before they are well? Could this be that we as parents are afraid of being sent to court for absences? A group of us will be getting together and will be getting a petition signed and we will be picketing in front of the school board soon. This has got to stop.

This is the third time my child has had the flu because some of you can't keep your sick kids at home. Now I am being sent to court for it. Thanks a lot. What is wrong with this picture?

Annex the islands. You can do it now or do it later. We all know that it will happen one day so why continue to postpone it? Be like Nike, Just Do It.

As an expatriated Valdostan, it is painfully obvious to me that consolidation of the city and county governments would be a tremendous leap forward for the area. Of course the big obstacle will be with those who currently hold power not wanting to give up any power they currently hold in order to provide better government and services in the future. You know who you are.

People need to quit whining about the football prowess in Valdosta. Instead, they need to be proud of these accomplishments, understanding that this puts Valdosta on the map.

Why shouldn't Valdosta get to grow some? I don't think it's fair that Lowndes keeps Valdosta in a little crunch and Valdosta always get to be a little inner city and Lowndes gets to keep growing and growing and keep all the tax money. Exactly where is the fairness in this?

For the county to object to annexation now is laughable. The city has had it as a priority for years. Now the county is surprised? And school consolidation is about as unlikely as snow in Valdosta in June.

It is not the ice cream and sodas at school that is making the students obese, it is all the processed food that is served and definitely not enough exercise. When I went to school, all the food was fresh, not canned, and we had PE at least an hour each day. All the fun has been taken out of the schools today, and the students are pushed beyond the limits of their young capabilities.

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