The sides of the roads would not look so bad if people would keep their trash in their vehicles and throw it in a trash can when they get home instead of chunking it out the window.

Having a cap on the number of students allowed to attend Valdosta State University would be more logical rather than moving the whole school.

I hope with our neighbors in the Georgia National Guard deploying soon, businesses and people will start displaying American flags and yellow ribbons on their properties. God bless them and their families!

Why does the U.S. military have any type of Iraq personnel inside their bases? Same thing happened to me in Vietnam. We had the good Vietnam people working on our bases. The base got attacked, and somehow all the firing pins were missing from our machine guns. Many lives were lost. Hasn't anyone learned anything?

The train situation is terrible in Valdosta. We need to come up with a plan to re-route the trains out of the city. I do not see trains running through downtown Atlanta. I thought Valdosta has Metro status?

To the person in Kuwait reading the paper online: Many thanks for the reality check.

I wish that people would realize that allowing your dogs to run loose in the road creating traffic hazards is against the law.

People, if you're traveling down Bemiss Road and you're going 40 mph, stay in the right lane. The left lane is for people going faster than you.

If the United Nations wants to call our contribution to the tsunami relief effort 'stingy,' let's see what they can do with nothing! I am tired of our tax dollars being squandered by this organization. You can bet a good amount of our relief dollars will line the pockets of these thieves and despots!

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