I will tell you who is to blame for the oil prices. We all are. We have all guzzled gas to no end. Not just SUV's, but all cars. Why? Because we go, go, go. Then when our children turn 16 we buy them a car and say here sweetie go out and guzzle your own gas. We will pay for it.

It's much easier to sit back and let the patriots of the nation take care of these minimal tasks while you sit at home and spout your babble and worry about it costing you a dollar. Thank a soldier.

I think VSU needs to be moved because of the growth in 10 years. Ten years ago, there were 5,000 students, now it's 12,000 and look at all the problems. Start thinking now for 10 years down the road when 20,000 might be there.  

So LVAC is turning itself into a casino. What is the legal basis for this? Quite aside from legality, it creates an image problem that they may come to regret.

I helped my child move and clean up his apartment at Remerton this weekend. We used several bottles of Mr. Clean. It is bad when you cannot smell the odor of Mr. Clean because the smell of the water is so bad. Something needs to be done, it is awful. Smells like rotten eggs.

A new school year, a new round of complaints. Where will you be when they hold board meetings or need volunteers to help out?

What ever happened to car pools? If you don't like the bus schedule, work out your own.

Why should you mind sending school supplies to school? I even went as far as buying extra supplies for at least one unfortunate child. People, quit complaining and help others if you can.  God will bless you for it.

Thank you to all the hard working sales associates during the Tax Free School Shopping Holidays. They were so busy and I saw lots of smiles and was told thank you on all purchases. Good customer service is hard to find.

I do fuss about increasing property taxes. Also, I vote against the Democrats who want to increase taxes in the first place.

Go, Scott Alderman. Your letter about summers was very informative. Maybe those who only complain will become proactive.

When are county residents going to stop expecting city-like services? You get lower taxes and more freedoms, but the flip side is bus routes may be longer and less convenient.

We claim to be a metro town but the tallest building in Valdosta is a nursing home.

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