It’s not Exxon-Mobil’s fault that gas prices have risen so much. Do we hear about all of the hidden taxes we pay on gasoline? No. Will the government allow us to build new refineries? No. Do the presidential candidates want us drill for terror-free oil in Alaska and Florida? No. Is the government effective in dealing with OPEC? No.

It's pretty sad when the preacher’s children tell you that their parents don't want them in the same schools with "all those black kids." Nice Christian teaching.

I have to agree. I lived in a small town outside of Orlando, much smaller than Valdosta, that had a dental clinic. There was one certified dentist there to over-see what the dental students performed. It wasn't a free clinic, rather it was based on your income. I paid $35 for X-rays and a filling. Valdosta needs something like this, even if only for children.

Over half of all the American flags flying in Valdosta are being flown in a tacky fashion. Most are too small for the pole, not pulled tight, and ragged. Some of the fire departments have a $2 flag flying on a $3,000 pole. A tacky flag is worse than no flag. Pull those ropes tight, top and bottom. Ride down Northside drive to see properly displayed flags or at Macadoo’s on Perimeter.

Once again our legislative has done it again to their constituents. We don’t deserve a tax break but all these big, high-powered insurance companies get a tax break. You are doing a wonderful job.

LAMP handles all indigent funds for Lowndes County. You should call them for dental care.

Dental costs are so excessive. My husband and I both walked around with a toothache. We used over-the-counter stuff to deaden it. We can’t afford the high prices and dentists sometimes don’t take new patients or need the money up front. How much money does someone need? Does someone want to help anyone in need anymore?

To the person complaining about lack of dental care: Try contacting the University of Florida Dental College. They have a clinic in Jacksonville as well as the main campus in Gainesville that offers reduced price services. You will have to commute but the drive outweighs the alternatives.

The bars in Remerton need to card their customers. I have proof they are allowing under-age drinking. I would suggest they arm band the drinkers and card everyone.

John McCain wants the federal government to free people from paying gasoline taxes this summer. He has my vote. It takes me $50 to fill up my car.

Granted, everyone has become accustomed to not being charged for having a place to which to haul their trash, but after that, something must be done with that trash. Prices of everything are going up, including services.

Consolidation only makes sense if we consolidate in all areas by taking the city limits out to the county lines.

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