Since Bush has made the United States absorb almost all costs of fighting the war in Iraq, on terror, and rebuilding Iraq, shouldn't we restructure the tax system so the wealthy Bush supporters have to pay their share instead of putting the burden on middle-class tax payers?

I would like to thank Team Moody for a wonderful Saturday afternoon. My children and I had a beautiful afternoon watching the air show and talking with various flight crews about their planes. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to make this happen.

A big rave to Moody AFB for the wonderful AirFest they put on this past weekend. Excellent job. And the highlights were the concern for your guests by sending people around to ask if we needed water or sunscreen. Thank you.

I will agree that a carpool lane on Ashley and Patterson is taking things a bit far, but this person has the right idea. If we want all of the stores and restaurants that we desire in Valdosta, then we need to show potential for growth and stop worrying about the historic district. It isn't going anywhere.

Remerton won't give up a little land for a third lane on Gordon. I've lived on Melody for over 50 years. If you look at the Valdosta side, the homes have no front yard, while the Remerton side still has full yards. Remerton won't give up land even if it is to benefit everyone.

Why is it that every college grad feels like he/she is God's gift to this world? Anyone can go to school. If you want a good paying job (more than $7 or $8 an hour) get some work experience first. Just because you spent four years reading books does not make you better than everyone else.

We really need to get more into the conservation mind set in this county. We are losing woodlands at an alarming rate and the landscape is changing overnight here. This county is losing its Southern charm fast.

For the ranter complaining about the cost of the Juniors of the Berrien County prom, the Junior class has traditionally sold magazines at the beginning of the year to pay for most of the expense of the prom. The problem is that this Junior class did not put a lot of effort into their selling, therefore, it means they have to pay more.

I saw the list of stores supposedly going in at the mall, but I'm wondering when will Valdosta get a decent, upscale department store? Dillard's, Parisian, Macy's, Sacks Fifth Avenue. Any of those would be great. Until then, I'll keep shopping out of town.

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