I would like each and every one of you who participated in the safe Halloween located off Tucker Road to know that it is greatly appreciated to have a safe place to carry our children. Thanks again.

How about the VDT putting a chat on its Web site for the locals to get together and discuss local events? Any takers?

Forty years ago the country was against blacks and whites marrying, now we want to discriminate against gay people? What do you care what two adults do in their bedroom and why should that prevent them from marrying? You say you are concerned about benefits? The more people with benefits would bring the price down (supply and demand at its finest!) Think about it.

I think Valdosta should have another cable company in town. However, based on how I've seen the city of Valdosta handle the Mediacom situation, I don't think the City should go into the cable business (or any other business for that matter).

I'm a voter with my mind made up: I'm voting anti-incumbant all the way! Politicians are like diapers... they have to be changed regularly.

When is the City Council going to replace its city attorney? There are a ton of excellent attorneys who deserve a chance. This job needs to be bid, not given.

Thank you Lanier County teachers, staff and administration for the wonderful Renaissance Pep Rally. We do need to see some different "True Renaissance Kids" out on the floor. There has to be more than the same few who do good deeds.

Thanks for the Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Campaign which was held at the Conference Center Oct. 30. My teens really enjoyed it. Please do it again. We really need to get more teens and parents involved.

Has anyone read Osama bin Laden's transcript from the videotape that surfaced last week? If you haven't, you should, especially if you voted for Bush.

People who say "God Bless America" need to say "God Bless the World." We aren't the only country on the planet that deserves God's blessing.

Thanks to the Lowndes County Deputy who came to my rescue on I-75 Tuesday morning when I ran out of gas. Thank you.

To the local businesses and colleges: please don't provide an e-mail address as your means of communication when you won't bother to reply. It's such a great way to communicate, but it only works if I get an answer back from you. The same goes for voicemail.

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