Am I the only coffee drinker in Valdosta? Why is it that when I order coffee with my meal I have to ask for a refill? Servers keep glasses of tea and water full but my coffee cup stays empty unless I request more. Often I am served cold, left over coffee. Why? I pay for it ... someone drinking water gets it free.

Keep it up Ms. Teresa Ketchup-Kerry! More comments like the one you made about Ms. Bush not having a real job will keep your husband further and further from the White House! Way to go! We Republicans couldn't ask for a better spokeswoman than the competition!

Can somebody please do something about Dewar Elementary, how they block the road so people do not have to go out of their way to get to Forrest Road? It is really ridiculous.

A huge rave for all the advertisements in the paper promoting abstinence! There should be more in the paper, TV, and radio.

Why can't Mediacom customers outside of Valdosta get the VSU Channel? We're missing the Blazer games and the local election debates! Our rates are higher and we don't get our University channel!

The only way to end the war in Iraq is to vote for John Kerry and then bring our troops home. Because of this war, trillions of dollars and paper debt is in the hands of other countries. What kind of legacies do we want to give our children and our grandchildren?

Kerry is unbelievably phony. Less than two weeks before the election, he stages a photo op goose hunt to prove what a "regular guy" he is!

As a gun owner, I and The National Rifle Association endorse the Bush-Cheney ticket. Senator Kerry is hiding the fact that he votes against gun owner rights at every turn. If you don't believe me, check his voting record!

Senator Kerry bought a new jacket for the outing because he was on the campaign trail. I wonder how regularly he does goose hunting? In the past 30 years I have never seen pictures of him goose hunting, I guess he will do anything and be anything to get your votes.

I want to rave about the Lake Park Veterinarian Clinic. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Also, the doctors are always willing to take time to answer your questions, and really care about your pets. Thanks for doing such a great job!

In regards to Hahira sidewalks and Hagan Bridge Road. I live on this street very near the elementary school. I see children walking in the street daily. Many vehicles drive way too fast on this street. I am very disappointed that the Mayor Crow and our councilman, Wayne Bullard, have chosen to ignore this situation.

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