Why is it that the rant and rave can talk about everything else except things like the little girl in Orlando that’s missing? Never once has there been an article in the paper about her.

I think the Lowndes County Transportation Department supervisor needs to get his act together and quit changing the policy to fit his desires and be fair to all drivers.

The Theatre Guild play, “Dearly Beloved” is one of the best plays ever, funny good acting, everybody laughs a lot.

Before anyone goes out to buy a home don't listen to your Realtor, banker, or anyone else. Sit down and figure up how much money you have to put towards a house. They always go by your gross income, which is far greater than what you bring home. Just know any home over a $100,000 is going to run you $700 a month or more.

I did not state free what so ever in my rant. I said Valdosta needs walk-in clinics, like the one in South Carolina. Sexton Dental Clinic — Yes they charge, but don’t over charge. Look it up on the Web. But if you are a dentist, I assume you already know about this. I don't believe taxpayers paid for this three-story clinic, even if they did, they would get a lot more use than a horse arena!

Sideline passes should be given to the press only. Even then there should be a limit.

If you don't believe in guns for self-defense, I challenge you to place a sign in your front yard saying so.

Stop depending on the government for everything, or you will end up with nothing. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government strong enough to take everything you have.

I agree, think before you act. When you buy a house, you know how much it is and how much you’re paying. If you can't afford it, don't buy it.

Not wanting to wish my life away, but I look forward with anticipation to voting in a new group of competent county commissioners in two years. The current group seems to prefer the desires of a few and neglect the needs of many. Perhaps they should wake up and smell the coffee beans.

If there are strict rules about the sidelines then why weren't they enforced? I attended VHS and say shame on all those that are so quick to point the finger. LHS band did not put that prop there in hopes that a VHS player would be injured.

As an LHS fan, I must admit that I was embarrassed to see a player harmed by one of our band props this past Friday evening. The LHS band directors should be more cautious when placing such props on the sideline. I know there are a lot of logistics to take into consideration, but safety of players and band members should be the number one priority.

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