I want to Rave about Custom Ink Tattoo Shop. They had their grand opening and all proceeds went to Josh and Jenny Wolfe who lost their children in a house fire. Way to go Jay and Misty and Tracy. It's people like you who give Remerton a good name.

To the person wondering where people who live in Cherry Creek, Stone Creek, and Kinderlou work, they are business owners, lawyers, doctors, bank managers, and land developers that don't mind a little commute.

After reading the article concerning Rick Darlington's era coming to an end, I feel compelled to add my views. What more would a citizen want for the children of any community than to have a teacher and coach talk and walk the qualities of spiritual fitness, academic fitness, physical fitness, and discipline? As a community, isn't it our desire to educate our children to be the best they can be not only on and off the field but in whatever career they choose?

Grown men meeting in secret to figure out ways to affect the outcome of football games used to be called bookies. Now they're called boosters?

There is nothing wacko about wanting a clean world for my children and grandchildren. People who want to pollute, destroy, and ruin our world for everyone are as bad as terrorists. It is clear who the real wacko is.

Football is a sport, a game, entertainment, and non-essential to anyone's way of life. If y'all spent half as much time on real issues, our community would be so much better off.

One bit of positive news that I'd like to see in the Rant and Rave is the fact that Israel and the Palestinians reached an agreement about Gaza, with the help of the European Economic Community. I think that is much more important to all of us than high school football.

Environmental wackos are to blame for everything that is wrong with our economy. If they wouldn't insist on clean air, water, and chemical-free food, we'd be a lot better off.

I think I'd check with an attorney before I listened to advice from the Rant and Rave about putting a hidden camera in a nursing home room. I think it's a good idea, but what do I know?

For those of you complaining about poor wages, keep in mind that there is no wall or moat around this city. You are free to move on to the next town any time you like.

To the people that want to open up the Alaskan refuge for oil drilling, I am opposed to it simply because since the first oil embargo 30 years ago, we knew we needed to be less dependent on oil, and only in recent years have we seen hybrid vehicles as a start. There are many more gas guzzlers on the highway today than there ever were before. We need alternatives that what the politicians promised they should be made to deliver or get new politicians who will.

To those complaining of low wages in Valdosta, try buying a house in Washington DC. You will need at least $500,000 for a small 1,400 sq. ft townhouse and an hour commute. Ready to move?

These rants putting down education, college and tech school students have no hands on experience is a bunch of rubbish and just shines light on how clueless Valdostans are. Most programs require students to do a practice, for those out there who may not know what this means its basically a hands on learning course.

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