To the person who said "It is proven that using violence on children effects them throughout their lives negatively. It does not work," I remember my father using a firm hand when I did wrong, and trust me, I remember that. Oh by the way, I'm a Pastor now. If that's a negative result, I hate to see your positive results.

I agree that people need to spank their kids. You don't have to abuse them, but a good spanking never hurt anyone. It is normally the ones who got away with murder growing up are the ones that end up in prison later on in life.

I realize that the five-year-old child was out of line. The school should have handled the problem without involving the police. If my child were handcuffed, I would own that school.

Please do something about the trains on Gornto. I missed a very important doctor's appointment because of that train. I sat there 45 minutes, and when I left it was still there. What happened to the 15 minute limit for a train blocking the road?

First, there has already been a movie called "Runaway Bride" and second, she did not ask for the police to look for her, so whomever did should pay the bill. She is an adult and can go where she chooses without having to have consent of anyone else.

The past cannot be changed and it cannot be erased. We must accept it, learn from it, and move on. Failing to do so promotes hate and impedes progress.

I would like to give a rave to the VSU theatre department. They did an excellent job last week on the production of The Pajama Game.

When the bride-to-be ran away, I doubt she thought that there would be nation-wide attention. Media, leave her alone and find some key news to cover.

Why aren't more people as concerned about military and other departments of our government wasting our money, as are worried about the money used to search for the missing bride-to-be. I would hope this state and county would do likewise if my loved one were missing. Put love ahead of selfishness.

Valdosta should be very proud of the LHS Jazz Band who was selected to perform for Schools of Excellence Banquet at the World Congress Center last weekend.

What we need to do to fix today's world is enforce the death penalty. It costs more money to keep someone alive for 40 years when they get a life sentence than it does to put them to death. Jails become overcrowded when you keep giving criminals life sentence.

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