If amnesty is given to only illegal aliens for violating one federal law, and not given to all legal American citizens who violate other federal laws, wouldn’t that make the legislation unconstitutional?

Many of you who object to the one-waying of Ashley and Patterson Streets believe that those of us who are for it just don't understand your arguments. We understand you. We just think you're dead wrong and that the city needs to keep up with growth. Do you understand our position?

I'm glad we opted for replacing common sense in handling animal cruelty cases with a new 33-page ordinance. I was just telling a friend the other day that the county could use more bureaucracy and red tape.

I applaud Bank Of America and any other company that chooses to stop funding organizations that discriminate. Hate and intolerance is not a family value.

It's just a thought, but what if we vote all our incumbent Senators and Congressmen out of office, then they can get one of “those jobs that Americans won't do.”

We really enjoyed the gentleman playing his banjo the other day in McKey Park. It made our lunch time meal more enjoyable. Thank you for taking your time to entertain others.

I have now heard it all. Why does race have to always be brought into everything? Over a park. Hello, it's not Yellowstone. And why is it we have to keep renaming everything in Valdosta? Leave it alone and stop bringing race into everything. I try to teach my kids not to be racial, but it's hard when that’s all you ever hear.

I'm a Brooks County resident and just found out about the Brooks County Sheriff's Department losing Deputy Miller who is now in Pavo. Congratulations to Pavo. Ya'll got a good one who is smart and dedicated to his job.

Parks are always sold. They have to be, legally. The difference is the community never pays anywhere near assessed value.

The Lanier County School System's accreditation is currently on probation. The school board last week has essentially retaliated against the school superintendent for whistle blowing. Will the school system lose its accreditation? It certainly needs to lose its board.

I have attended graduations at Martin Stadium when I was a child. I remember how everyone worried if it was going to rain. In 1989, ours was at VSU and was great. Videos were available for purchase to send to those who couldn't make it and we had a party they could come too. If you record the ceremony, you can replay the whole graduation at the after party for them.

Your attention please: We Americans are allowing our health care, Social Security, welfare, disability, and educational system all to erode in a hurry. We as Americans have supported by paying into these systems all of our lives. Now, we are allowing it to be handed to hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

How pathetic is it that we had to explain brown-nosing and political games to our child whose teachers were playing favorites with a few girls in the class. The girls rule the class, telling students what to do, running errands, and having special privileges; it makes life easier for the teachers. These girls get rewarded for playing the game while other students sit in envy. Chalk another one up to teaching life’s hard lessons.

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