Why are Lankford, Melody and Northside four laned while the Jerry Jones portion of the road only two? The intersection of Country Club and Jerry Jones really needs anouther lane traffic back up all the way to the mill pond. I hope the committee that is looking at turning Patterson and Ashley into one way roads also looks into widening Jerry Jones.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies that work for SGMC night shift outpatient center for doing such a great job Tuesday night. Keep up the good work!

County Commissioners please look at putting a traffic light at Exit 11 and Madison Highway. I'm sure if you will add this location to your traffic study list you will find plenty of traffic counts to justify a light here. Its really over due!

I also looked up the registered sex offenders in our area. We noticed one on our street. My husband and I drove through the neighborhood to see how far the house is from ours, and noticed a car with military tags. Obviously this guy doesn't live there anymore ... so where is he?

Thank you to the cast and crew of "The Promise" at Park Avenue United Methodist Church for so vividly displaying the story of Christ.

I would like to give a big rave to the young lady who bought my breakfast at McDonald'a Drive-In on Ashley on Tuesday morning It is good to know there are people still around who think of others.

The powers that be needs to put a four way stop sign between Super Wal-Mart and Sam's before there is a very bad accident. Somebody needs to put their thinking cap on before somebody gets hurt.

Is it really a conservative stance to interject government at its highest levels into the lives of a family? The GOP has been captured in the name of how one group defines God and religion.

Hats off to a great jazz concert from the LHS Jazz Band this past weekend. Each member is awesome in talent and attitude. Mr. Todd should be so proud to call them his students.

The amount of homophobia that creeps into this paper, either in editorials, letters to the editor, or rants is appalling. Perhaps the VDT could help bring about more tolerance by featuring positive stories about Valdosta's gay community.

Thanks to all the volunteer firefighters in Lowndes County for their work this past storm.

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