Thank you to all of the teachers and many volunteers for making Bible school at Park Avenue so special for the children.

Anyone joining the armed forces should definitely read all of the fine print, before they sign their lives away.

Children need time in the summer to develop relationships with grandparents, pursue their hobbies and interests, and to just enjoy life. They are only young for so long, please don't hurry or stress them.

Keep in mind that most students attend extracurricular activities and need to have a cell phone with them. My daughter does not always come straight home after school and I want her to be able to reach me whenever she needs to.

Drop arms have nothing to do with safety. I have seen people on West Hill Ave trying to beat the train and drive between the drop arms. Also I have seen people race their autos down side roads to beat the train at West Hill Avenue. Some people will do anything, warning or no warning arms to beat the train!

If you are over 50, please get a colonoscopy. My wife would not get one until I took her to the doctor's office to make the appointment. After the procedure, she thanked me. I have talked to a few who say they will not do it. Foolish.

Amen regarding the churches who spend more time teaching hatred than they do teaching God's word. How can he preach if all he can concentrate on is encouraging his church members to hate others? What an embarrassment.

If Rock 108 would drop the morning show, expand the modern music playlist and add more classic rock, nobody would complain about the format change at 96.7 FM.

I am from Echols County, and say hooray to the commissioner or finally waking up on the past no alcohol issue. Over the years Echols County has lost thousands of dollars in tax revenue because it was a dry county. All the alcohol drinkers was going right across the county line. If a person is going to drink beer or whatever they are going to get it, so why not let Echols collect those taxes

I am sure the school board wouldn't need to raise taxes if they had all of that stadium improvement money back.

It's the parents who take their children to Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch who are to blame. What were they even thinking?

You can't have cell phones on during college courses. If you do, the Professor tells you to leave. So why should high schoolers have them?

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