There seems to be a lot of "I just work here" and "That's not my job" with a lot of businesses in this town. Maybe they should send their employees to Valdosta Tech's customer service program to learn how to act towards customers!

I would like to hear the county commissioners and city council's backup plan should Moody AFB ever close. You guys do have a back up plan, don't you?

To put things in perspective, I could go to work for the county public works department making more money than any job offers I have received from prospective employers in Valdosta, and I have a degree in finance. This is pretty sad!

If people would put their cell phones down when driving, they'd have a free hand to operate the turn signal. We'd fix two problems at once!

The best way to lose weight is do not eat past 6 p.m. and do not eat junk, greasy or fast food. Drink only water or juice. Eat a bowl of Special K in the morning. That's what helped me lose 50 pounds.

The surviving veterans of World War II came home and built the strongest and most free nation the world has ever known. Because of what they endured and achieved during their lives, they're often called America's Greatest Generation. What will this generation be called?

I don't feel betrayed by Mediacom. I have paid my bill over the years and always kept my account current; therefore, I got the discount I deserve. I'm glad those that don't pay their bills don't get the discount. It's their late fees that give me the discount. Thanks slackers!

The people of Valdosta need to know that the correctional officers at Valdosta State Prison are risking their lives every day watching over dangerous criminals trying to protect the public, and we can't get a raise in pay. Bad management.

It is wonderful having Wendy's and Sonic on Bemiss, but there is a problem getting into the driveway they share. It isn't wide enough and it stops the flow of traffic while trying to turn in. Is there something that can be done?

Copeland Road near Lowndes Middle School does need sidewalks. Children are walking to school in the road. When it rains they can't walk in the grass because their clothes will get wet. And no, they don't cut the grass every week! Kids walking in knee-high grass, come on. Help our children!

If you want to see the stars, go out to the country and find a place to park, lay out a blanket, and enjoy them.

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