How about a parade honoring the students who get a high school diploma or a college education. Nothing more deserving of a parade than an education.

All these people calling in saying we should withdraw immediately are nothing but defeatest and should go back to the blue states where they belong.

To the Broke and Stupid Generation, it is not the Republicans that cause your generation's money woes. It is how you control your income. This generation puts the I wants before the bills and then file bankruptcy to avoid paying obligations they made. Again proving that they are the ME generation. They have no clue how to budget...

Now that Valdosta State is national champion in Division II, they should play UGA in an early season game. Can you imagine... the Blazers beating the Bulldogs?

As a college graduate with a good job and no debt, I applaud Bush's war in Iraq. I don't mind running up huge deficits because it just puts me further ahead of the competition. The younger generation can't get ahead of me as long as Bush mortgages America's future and I will be on top when the future gets here.

It's admirable that Consolidated Biscuit saved 200 jobs, but they also laid off and/or fired many people and did so in a humiliating way. Making everyone line up on the plant floor and handing out letters, some which said you have a job and some which said you don't, is not a compassionate way to end someone's livelihood.

I want to say thanks to the outpatient and OR nurses at South Georgia Medical Center. I had surgery there on Wednesday and everyone I came in contact with was very nice and compassionate. Thanks for being so professional and caring.

If the amount of public money spent on education were the test, you'd be smart enough not to blame everything on Republicans.

The only guns that should be allowed are hunting guns, no hand guns. Compare murder rates in England where guns aren't allowed, and then the rates for the States where we all NEED guns.

Apparently whoever wrote in about the construction being done on Loch Laurel Road does not know much about concrete construction or they would know that the weather has to be right along with numerous other specifications. And furthernore, the job will be completed a month ahead of deadline.

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