Thank you very much, Lowndes High School and VSU Blazers, for keeping Lowndes County Winnersville on the map. You all did a great job. Keep up the good work.

Hats off to Ms. Jarvis, chorus director at Valdosta Middle School. They displayed a wonderful Christmas program on Tuesday night. It was great.

Thanks to Lamar Miller and his staff at Badcock in Nashville. They were kind enough to deliver a used freezer at no charge to a needy family whose freezer had quit. This is a great demonstration of the Christmas spirit. Thank you.

Crossing the street at VSU is very simple to handle. Just let the campus police hold their little hands and lead them across the street since they don't have enough sense to cross at the cross walks.

Thanks to Ms. Shirley, Valdosta Fire Department No. 5 and all the people who bought me ornaments to help my son and me. God bless you and have a wonderful holiday.

Way to go, VSU! You really made us proud. I think my husband and I are the only Blazer fans in the state of Kansas, and we've been doing a lot of bragging.

Congratulations to both the Lowndes Vikings and the VSU Blazers on their championships. I read about VSU in the Star and Stripes here in Iraq. Way to go!

As a baseball fan, I would like to see Minor League Baseball return to Valdosta and South Georgia.

Criminals who run should be shot at once (a la Bonnie and Clyde-style) so they cannot injure the law-abiding public with their lawlessness and reckless violence.

If we had some decent wage paying industry in this town then people could probably absorb a property tax increase and not have to worry about moving. Come on, community leaders and elected officials it's time to get serious about recruiting some good industry in here.

Shame on you riding in your warm truck with your skinny dog in the back on a freezing morning. Shame, shame on you.

Kudos to the Racetrac at the mall exit for helping with the lower gas prices during the holidays. Thank you Racetrac.

I want to rave about the City of Valdosta Inspections Department. The ladies there are always a pleasure to do business with.

I think the City of Valdosta should rethink the red light located on Ashley and Moore street. That light is ridiculously long. I have never in my life sat at a light so long.

I don't understand why everyone complains about the Hispanic people taking our jobs. How fast we forget that our forefathers came here from other countries, unless of course you are Native Americans.

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