I for one am very sorry that I voted for our current governor. He seems to be playing for the wrong side. He claims that he's wrestling with signing the clean air act because he doesn't want government intervention, yet he has no problem signing the bill that restricts the over-the-counter medicines that we buy. Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

To the people that want the big stores: (Dillards, Macy's etc.) They need to move to a city that has them. People are complaining about traffic, high taxes, no jobs. Well, the more a city grows, the more of this you will get. So you have a choice -- be happy with what you have or move.

Shouldn't homeland security begin at home? Where are all of these convicted sexual offenders coming from that are murdering these children throughout the United States? Begin by posting their name/address/photo in the newspaper in the town where they live! It's good enough for DUI offenders, why not sexual offenders? We should be made aware of their presence in our communities.

To the new VSU grad that is worth $60,000 now that he/she has a piece of paper and four years of studying, I have almost 30 years of experience in my professional field and can't find a job that pays more than $35,000 per year (primarily because I'm female). What is it about that piece of paper that makes you worth $60,000? Good luck!

To the person that said they will be leaving Valdosta because they will make more money after they graduate VSU, let me remind you that just because you have a degree does not mean you are going to find what you are looking for. People are looking for experience, not book knowledge; book knowledge only gets you into the door. So you might want to rethink your motives before running off.

To the person who stated its safer in Iraq than Georgia:

The U.S. military does not comprise the entire population of Iraq. Further, your statistics for the military are for combat deaths alone. Last time I checked, combat deaths do not occur frequently in Georgia. You cannot compare the relative safety of a peacetime state with that of a war-torn region.

Thanks to two Lanier County deputies, Howell and Logan, who stopped and helped me Tuesday morning. I thank you very much.

Concerning the one way traffic around VSU, has anyone considered that the VSU Police will not be able to respond to an emergency south or west of the College without going all the way around?

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