Isn't $19,000 an acre a lot to pay for land to build schools on?

Hats off to a very well planned Field Day at Clyattville Elementary. All of those who had a part made it a very successful day for students and volunteers. Thank you to Jennifer Vinge, Mike Sutton and every person who had a part and all students and faculty for a great program.

A well does not make you immune from statewide watering restrictions. Besides, you're still drawing from the same depleted aquifer. Show some consideration for others.

Opposition parties bashing a president is nothing new. How quickly you forget how many elephants grumbled for eight years not that long ago.

The housing market is getting so flooded here in Valdosta, we need a building moratorium.

For some reason I don't think you'll get any complaints from the residents of Sunset Hill Cemetery about the cell phone tower.

Valdosta, it was your loss Sunday afternoon, if you did not attend the "An Afternoon of War Stories.” These brave, aging, war veterans did such a wonderful job of recounting what it was like to be in World War II. Only about 100 people attended this event and all came away with a newfound respect for the greatest generation.

The ranter who said it was disrespectful to have a cell phone tower in Sunset Hill Cemetery: You gave me a big laugh this morning. I was not aware that family members who have passed took their cell phones with them. Never a dull moment in the Rant and Rave section.

I work at a gas station and gas prices go up based on what other people charge us, not what we want to charge people. We are only making a 3-5 cent profit per gallon of gas sometimes.

I am a Virginia Tech graduate and would like to thank everyone who expressed their sympathy to me and prayed for the students at Virginia Tech during the recent tragedy. In spite of all the bad things you see, hear and read this community is full of Christians who would rally to the aid of others. Thank you and God bless.

Even though people may own their own wells, they do not own the water. Be conscientious and think about the generations to come.

I'd like to the commend VHS drama department on a wonderful season. Ricardo Ipina always seems to pull off an enjoyable and magnificent show, despite all odds. Go, Drama Cats.

A great big giant rave to the middle school girls from Valwood who grew their hair all year to donate to Locks of Love. They donated 70 inches of hair.

To the gentleman who bought my daughter, her boyfriend and another couple’s meal Saturday night at Austin’s Steakhouse, that was very nice of you. They were very surprised when they got up to pay and found out you had anonymously paid for their meals. You really made those kids’ day. Thank you very much.

I called the Environmental Protection Division of the State of Georgia in question about those who use their wells for irrigation, and I was told they ask that all Georgia citizens observe the water restriction, but they can’t make anyone do it if they have their own well. It is all about greed with the person who has it.

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