Why is it that when people complain the leash law isn't enforced it's always about dogs? It's time to lock down the cats, too.

Seriously, what about the intersection in front of Home Depot? Can we make it a four-way stop?

Thanks to Brett Kelly, Jeff Lane and Jerome Tucker for your hard work in building those apartments in Sparks.

Thanks to the young lady in outpatient center at SGMC Monday night for helping us to get out our car. No one else would assist us. Thanks.

In reference of the special graduation, I don't think it is fair for the other kids who didn't have this opportunity to graduate. They should not start it now. If they didn't do it for everyone, don't do it for some.

The ranter from Arbor Run should be charged a landscaping fee every time a dog fertilizes their lawn.

South Georgia Regional Library employees and volunteers deserve a big pat on the back. Recently, the children's librarian took time out of her schedule to explain library rules to my preschooler. Another library employee helped repair my bent car key. A technician, who was performing maintenance on the copier, eventually straightened the key completely and he deserves a big thank you as well.  

I agree with the ranter about not telling citizens where the Nile and Equine virus has been located. Hey lawyers, do you think if someone from that affected area gets the virus they have a lawsuit against the city for non-disclosure? The leaders of this community need to think before they act.

It is not the responsibility of the community to supply after school programs for children. Parents act like it is such a chore to raise their own child.

To the writer of the rant about the specific location for where EEE and WNV was found the point is the whole community needs to take measures to reduce the mosquito population as well as precautions to protect themselves. It's everyone's responsibility to take care of this problem. The city made me aware that there is a potential for the viruses here and that's all I need to know.

To the sun-bather: Maybe if you stopped sun-bathing, then just maybe the Moody planes might fly less missions over your home, yard and your nude body while protecting America.

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