The bottom line is that our country is failing to secure the borders and both sides of the political spectrum are to blame.

I would like to give thanks to Kimberly Brooks in personnel at Valdosta State Prison. Your patience and kindness is greatly appreciated. I know you are fairly new in your position but you are doing a tremendous job so please keep that beautiful smile on your face.

A person would almost have to be masochistic to run for office today. While there should be zero tolerance for Foley-esque behavior or financial wrong doing, it is frightening how much some people believe that we need to know about each other’s personal lives.

The best thing that could happen to education in this community would be for the football teams to lose about five more years. Wait a minute, local fans are so fickle anyway, they don't stay til the end if their kids are losing. Maybe we could get focused on the classroom sooner.

Dr. Joe B. Crane Sr. was a great man who will be greatly missed.

Thanks to the person who fixed the baseball score board at the Boys Club. Come to find out it was one of the parents who fixed it. We truly appreciate it.

Since when in America is the government responsible for all of our health care problems? You are responsible for yourself.

I believe that a solution of castor oil and water sprayed on your lawn will help to keep the pest at bay. It will help keep the worms, grubs, and mole crickets which are their favorite food from breeding in your lawn. I don't know the exact dilution though.

Instead of grumbling about the football games, why don’t we just pray for our young people for them to continue to play football. Somebody is going to lose sometime.

The difference between Studds and Foley is that Foley had the good grace to resign from office. Studds served another five terms. Also the page was 17 years old and could not legally have consensual sex with anyone.

“Black people couldn't vote until the mid-60s, so how could black people ever name a public place for someone they admired?” That was 40 years ago. Stop living in the past. Instead of trying to rename everything just name new things to honor those we admire.

Hopefully the rain will have taken care of your armadillo problem. I know when it's dry they'll go to where it's wet and dig for the things that they eat.

The Dow broke 12,000 for the first time and unemployment is low, near 4.7 percent. So how did Republicans and President Bush mishandle the economy again?

To the man killing helpless armadillos: Leave them alone. They were here way before you invaded their habitat. Shame on you for killing harmless armadillos.

I take offense to the remark that today's offensive lineman is tomorrow's fast food drive through window guy. I'm an offensive lineman at LHS and I'm in AP classes and have a B+ average. Just because you play football doesn't mean you aren't intelligent.

There are much bigger things going on in the world than football. Open your eyes, people.

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