I believe the ranter who wrote about how disrespectful the cell tower would be in Sunset Cemetery was referring to the fact that these people chose a peaceful, beautiful place to be laid to rest, and putting up a cell tower disrespects that memory.

Here’s a little sociology lesson for those who rhapsodize about lower crime rates in Japan. Over there, police have extremely broad powers to hold and question you and conformity is the norm for the citizenry. What other freedoms besides the Second Amendment are you willing to give up to make the U.S. more like Japan?

Recently I ate at a local eatery that serves alcohol. A nurse came in and ordered a rather large alcoholic drink and then complained about having to go back to work the rest of the afternoon. Wait until your shift is completely over before drinking. Our lives are in your hands.

Does Valdosta need yet another bank? I thought online banking would cut down on the need for these.

It never ceases to amaze me how illegal people think they have the right to march and protest the fact that they are expected to obey the law. And our government will give in to them, and give our hard earned tax money to them while we struggle to feed our own families, and legal Americans are sleeping on the street.

Congratulations to Ben Bennett, Hahira Middle School eighth grader, for winning the Georgia FFA Agriscience Fair in Environmental Science two years in a row. Way to go, Ben. Good luck in Indianapolis in the fall.

I live in a nice neighborhood off Guest Road. I averaged my property taxes to about $90 a month. So if you rent a house in my neighborhood, that is probably about how much of your rent goes to taxes.

At 7 a.m., it is not an appropriate time to start using chainsaws and giant wood-chippers in a residential neighborhood. Some people work late or just need to sleep in. At least 8 a.m. most businesses are open, that would be a much more reasonable time. At 4 p.m. in the afternoon though, I never hear a sound. What is wrong with these construction workers?

A huge rave to the stylists at Anthony and Company who volunteered their time and resources to cut the hair of the 13 Valwood Middle School girls so they could donate the 70 inches of hair to Locks of Love.

Actually having a well does make you immune. We are not getting water from the same aquifer, I believe you called it. If my well goes dry, it is my problem. I can water anytime I want because I shelled out the bucks for the well to do it.

Thanks for your coverage of the Valdosta Lowndes Soccer Club. Premier Club Soccer is growing in our area and will only help our school programs improve. VLSC defeating larger clubs with professional coaches deserves your recognition! Thank you.

To the Lowndes County School systems: Please inform your teachers and coaches school bus drivers cannot afford to buy their food while on a field trip with the wages we get paid. Please help.

How is putting a cell phone in a cemetery is disrespectful to the people who are buried there?

Do you think these Democrat politicians ever figure out, if they want to get re-elected, they need to really start supporting our troops in the military and quit fighting against us at every turn.

Not putting a cell tower in a cemetery is a matter of respect for the dead. That's something people lack these days— respect for others. Over four generations of my family are buried there, and I don't want to see it run over with new technologies.

Arecent report stated that youngsters today don't get as much intergenerational interaction as children in times past and that this is detrimental to their development. I grew up with a huge extended family full of wise aunts and uncles led by my grandparents who were born in the 1880's. Rich stories and rich characters blessed my life.

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