A rave to Becky Murphy and her "I Caught You Caring" program. What an innovative way to boost morale and recognize people who do their job with extra attention to service.

Stop fighting the annexation. Unless you are footing the bill for the attorneys, stop wasting public tax dollars for your fight. No one is taking away your land, so you don't have to fight to keep it.

Have you not had to pay for a locker for the past three years? It's called supplemental income for the school. Why fuss now?

What school supplies? The teachers have to go 18 months to get a new toner cartridge. Instead of spending money on more buses and drivers, spend it on the educators -- you all seem to want to blame them. What are they to do with so little funding anyway. Instead of one bus, there will now be three leaving from my neighborhood. Get your priorities straight.

Thanks to the VDT for keeping us informed about the risk for encephalitis. Thumbs down to the City authorities for trying to block the information.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of John Frank Thomas. Although I did not know him personally, I am deeply touched by his dedication to his country. We all are blessed there are men and women like John Frank Thomas who will stand and fight for our country. May his spirit soar high above the clouds. Deeply missed and never forgotten!

It looks like the city is making a bad investment in this island annexation. We need councilmen with some business sense.

I wish everybody will quit fussing abut taxes and property taxes going up. When election time comes, they put the same people right back in office. They should vote them out and quit grumbling.

Parents, its time to stand up against this bus schedule. Let's start a countywide car pool. Each day a parent from the neighborhood loads the kids up and drops them off and picks them up. Too easy.

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