So what you are telling me is it’s cost effective to get a license plate with a deer on it and not a Viking? Call the DMV and find out the truth on how to get a license plate created. I bet you only need 5,000 orders of the plate and you can have it ordered and on your automobile.

I work hard and get a great health care package. Why should I have to compromise that for socialized medicine? I know some people want to have free health care, but it will be by the government’s terms and not as nice as my current plan.

The more I read the rant and rave section, the more I worry about Valdosta’s level of education.

When I actually put down the books and saw socialized medicine in action, I found long waiting lists, expansive red tape and little concern for the individual. Do you really want to be told which doctor to go to? Do you want to wait years to have a necessary medical procedure performed? If so, then socialized medicine is for you.

I’m over 40 and have never owned a gun nor have I have ever felt the need to own a gun. Also, if I’m being robbed in a dark parking lot at night, please don’t shoot anyone. I prefer to give them what they want and maybe get out alive, rather than being shot by some vigilante trying to be deputy dawg. If you want to help, use your cell phone to call the law, as I’m sure you’ll probably be on it while driving anyway.

Wiretapping Americans without a court order? George W. Bush has finally gone too far. If this is not grounds for impeachment then America is not a just nation. It was Benjamin Franklin who said “Those who will trade liberty for security will soon find they have neither and deserve neither.” Wake up America, the terrorists have already won.

If Georgia abolished the state income tax, they would make up the revenue in other places like higher taxes on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. They could even up the sales tax. Talk to the people of Alabama or Florida and see what they have to say. It’s fine for the retired military. They can shop on military bases. What about the rest of us?

Stop complaining? This is America where we have the right to complain. And yes, I did not vote for Bush, so I have a right to complain about all the incompetent decisions he has made.

I live off of Studstill in Trotters Ridge and I could not believe the speed limit went up to 50 miles per hour. There are a lot of young children that live on Studstill. Bemiss is a four lane road and the speed limit is only 45 miles per hour. Perimeter Road from Bemiss to Oak Extension just got reduced to 45 and it does not have any children playing on it. This needs to be rethought before a loved one gets hurt or killed. Many people use Studstill to jog, walk and ride their bikes.

While I don’t believe the band deserves a ring for what the football team did, I am appalled at the hateful attitudes expressed toward the band in this column. People, these are our children. Condemning the whole band because of one rant shows you have no understanding of or compassion toward our youth.

To the person enamored of Canadian healthcare, I hope you realize that in Canada you have to wait months just to get routine medical procedures. Maybe you can explain why so many Canadian citizens come to the United States for their healthcare.

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