I really wish that Georgia's citizens and lawmakers really understood the environment behind the gates at our close-security prisons. Is this really the type environment that you're OK with furloughing the employees? Great idea— let's have less staff to watch the inmates. I know I feel safe going to work everyday and sleeping at night.

I followed a lady into the almost world famous roundabout on Country Club Drive last week. She circled inside four times and ended coming out the way she went in. I know that thing works, like the popsicle sticks at the end of the same street.

I wonder if the Board of Education knew that the property they are building Pine Grove School on has a line of sink holes running through it, that big pond drained in 30 minutes about nine years ago. Hope it doesn’t swallow a classroom full of kids in it. Was it disclosed in the sale?

I would like to rave about the two beautiful kind-hearted ladies who paid for me, my friend and my friend’s sister's dinner at Pirate's Bluff and left without wanting any recognition for it. You made me and my friend’s birthday extra special. We will pay it forward.

I enjoyed the Habitat for Humanity story. As I look back 35 years ago, I see my father as one of the original founders. When I got out of school, I asked him why he was building $300,000 homes for rich people, instead of houses for regular people. He said, "Son everyone that moves into one of those houses, moves out of a $200,000 home, and the person that moves into the $200,000 house moved out of a $100,000 home,” and so on down the line. He added, "I pay my help, so they can all buy homes and I pay for all the building supplies so others have jobs. And the people pay for the homes."

Valdosta City Schools superintendent took away the early dismissal days because it would help the students get more education. Maybe you also need to cut down the amount of field trips and sports activities that are also interrupting the school day. What are they learning running up and down the highway?

Thank you to the person who put a note on my car in the Ruby Tuesday parking lot Friday night telling me I had a flat tire. Got it taken care of right away, so thanks again for your good deed.

Did you think the companies having food "catered" to the Habitat site were possibly simply contributing to the cause. As for my experience here, our church and several other churches sent food from the members.

I hadn't eaten in Krystal's in a while. The ladies who work there are the nicest in town. It's refreshing to see that in the business world. I'll be back again.

I would hate to see such a wonderful town go the way of Remerton because the city council is considering alcohol by the drink in some of your restaurants. Citizens of Hahira wake up.

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