Bush says it’s shameful that someone leaked the fact that the government is spying on us. Ever heard of The Freedom of Information Act? I would like to know if the CIA has cameras on my property. Welcome to 1984.

I would like to thank the Lowndes County Fire Department for coming through our neighborhood last Saturday with Santa. You just do not know how much the kids in the neighborhood enjoyed it. May God bless all of you and have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks again.

These socialist countries do have higher taxes, but look at the other facts you chose to ignore. They have free healthcare instead of unaffordable healthcare. They pay people to get an education instead of you paying. Also, some of these countries you mentioned have very low unemployment rates. Quit making stuff up to prove an illusionary point.

How cruel are these people to question the death of a mother’s child? Why are pro gunners so easily offended? By the way, let’s drop this issue, please.

We do have a union at my job and the starting rate is $7.85 per hour. We also have a good health benefits plan. We have low employee turnover and high employee morale.

I had to do a presentation for an International Business class on Denmark and the fact is, they have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and one of the highest standards of living. When was the last time you looked, 1900?

You mean there are more alcohol related deaths than gun deaths? Well, by golly we better start doing background checks on individuals before they purchase alcohol.

No rants are irrational, except to irrational readers. What makes America great is the right of the people to be able to speak freely without fear of reprisal. So irrational folks, just relax and express your freedom also. It’s OK to be irrational, this is again America, land of the free and I love good ole U.S.A.

I went to Canada last year and my husband suffered a mild heart attack. We didn’t have to pay for any of his treatment, and we’re not Canadian citizens. Yes, Canadians pay higher taxes, but the benefits are that you get more social services than here in America. This means people don’t go bankrupt over medical bills. The middle class is large, the extremes of poverty and mega-wealth are smaller than in America. Before you tell me to move there, we tried to. Canada has had so many Americans try to immigrate there that they refuse the vast majority.

Winning the war in Iraq will not change anything. We would have to change the entire Middle East to claim a victory. Just watch what happens when we win the war and our troops pull out.

I just looked at the economy of Sweden. Eight percent unemployment. A very diversified industrial economy. Sixty percent of working age women employed. Free child care. Free medical care. A huge middle class, small rate of poverty, small number of billionaires. Yep, sounds like a paradise to me.

Stop complaining everyone. Here is why. If you voted for Bush, you can’t complain, cause you voted for him. If you voted for Kerry you can’t complain, because you didn’t rally enough people on your side to help him win. And of course if you didn’t vote, well enough said.

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