The comments in the Rant and Rave confirm my long-held belief that there should be an intelligence test or at least a knowledge test of current events to screen voters. Where do people get these opinions? It's scary.

I am tired of young men walking around with their baggy pants down to their knees and their underwear exposed. If a woman walked with her underwear totally exposed she would be arrested for indecent exposure. Pull up your pants!

If you think immigrants don't make $20/hour laying drywall, then you have never worked in construction. These immigrants are smarter than you think. There is a shortage in construction labor, and they know it and use it. They are not ignorant.

Dog owners, don’t put your dog in the back of your truck. It is too hot, especially with a black bed liner, and your dog can’t tell you this. Remember, summer heat will burn your dog’s feet.

If the hospital and college wants to build a building and parking garage, let them pay for it themselves. The city and county taxpayers are taxed enough as it is. Let them dig in their own pockets. Get grants from the federal government or something but leave us out of this. We don’t need this anyway.

Great job to the Brooks County football program. With Coach Branch’s help these young men achieve a higher education. Way to go.

The Libertarian Party puts the American people first. Look into voting for a Libertarian before you vote for the lesser of two evils.

Why does the Lowndes County Board of Education allow the LHS girls basketball coach to consume the entire summer with basketball practice? Some of the girls would love to have summer jobs without being punished. Why not prepare a workout schedule for part of the summer and let the girls enjoy something besides basketball?

Everyone likes playing the blame game, but guess who is really responsible for most of today's problems? We are. Mountains of garbage waste, gas-guzzling vehicles and cheap foreign goods from China. We fund all the governments opposing us and are unwilling to change so we will surely perish. Our government can't fix it without us.

It's time for each subdivision association to police themselves and stop the abuse of water before we are reach a total water ban.

I agree with the ranter that wants us to be more open-minded. The only problem is most people would rather have politics be a boxing match with the "I told you so" attitude instead of a vehicle to exchange ideas and improve our way of life.

I find it appalling that anyone would complain about paying taxes to help others. Where is your sense of community? Do you sit in your fort by yourself?

After three months, Bush finally noticed Georgia was a state and has now offered to help us put out the fires. I guess since we don't have as many electoral votes as California. We are insignificant. Just because he will not be in the next election does not mean his party won't and what he does reflects on them.

I've ridden a bike around town here for years and never had a problem.

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