Could someone please tell me why James Road at the end of St. Augustine Road was closed without opening the new road by the Raceway? No more left turns onto James Road, no more left turns onto St. Augustine. I was told that it was for safety reasons. How safe is making a U-turn in the middle of St. Augustine Road at 8 a.m. in the morning? I'm not a traffic engineer but it just doesn’t make sense.

Until Berrien County offers more than one waste management service (trash pickup) to the county residents there will be more illegal dumping of trash and burning. We need an alternate choice and not forced to use only one service.

Why isn’t the salary schedule available online for Valdosta City Schools? Isn't that supposed to be public record? Could it be because last year you were paying an ISS teacher more than 80K because he was a coach? Oh, how we love football.

Former Judge Blitch gets zero prison time for his crimes. Wow, must be nice to be that connected.

The Valdosta Daily Times carrier to Wilkes Circle is the best; always on time, rolled and covered and does a really good job. Thanks.

Shame on the person who stole everything from my storage unit. When you opened the bins, you will have found mostly personal writings, drawings, etc., that would have been worthless to you. Most of the other items can be bought for cheap anywhere these days. I hope your conscience is happy with the “loot.”

After leaving the area, I traveled 250 miles to come back and have my second hip replaced by the "A" Team. A big thanks to Dr. Starling, Brooke Hackle, Pete Shay, SGMC's operating and recovery room staff and 4W nursing staff. Also thanks to the Daniels for their post-op accommodations.

It's an embarrassment to be living in the Alapaha Judicial Circuit after the slap on the wrist that Brooks Blitch received. Shoplifters get more probation handed down. Yep, he's evidently still got "people" in the right places. And how much did it cost the taxpayers of this district for all of the investigations, etc., involved in this farce? It's a shame that justice no longer applies to everyone.

Well, what a surprise. Brooks Blitch won’t serve any jail time, and barely gets a slap on the wrist! Now, who out there is shocked by that?

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