Adam Schiff wrote a fabricated narrative of the transcript of the phone call and read it like he was reading from the transcript in his opening statement. Earlier he had said, “We have had no contact with the whistle blower” which got Four-Pinocchios from The Washington Post.

Schiff has been pressing witnesses to say what he wants them to say and Steve Roberts writes about the President Trump lying, Oct. 18, in The Valdosta Daily Times.

Most legal-eagles on Fox News say the Democrats don’t have a case on impeachment. Fox News has been and is fair and balanced unlike CNN and others. Shepard Smith’s real problem is questionable or unknown.

Roberts wrote about President Trump lying before and gave examples which were actually differences of opinion.

The bias media are the ones who look through a partisan lens.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 40 percent believe what’s in newspapers.

The President has a right to have diplomats that don’t represent the Democrat opposition.

President Trump has had three cheery, extraordinary rallies recently, of 20,000-plus attending each, in which he spoke on all the issues and was right on, on all the issues about American lives being better than ever and tens of millions watched on TV. No Democrat candidate can match that. This also shows there is a disconnect between the heartland and the Washington, D.C., swamp.

Stanley J. Way,


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