There is circular reasoning about fake news in The Valdosta Daily Times, Jim Zachary article, Aug. 25, that is not meaningful.

Straight forward in the definition of fake in the Collegiate Dictionary: fake means concoct, pretend, among other thing.

The biased press have created narratives since President Trump was elected that was up to Trump to prove otherwise.

There was the collusion with Russia narrative with so-called bombshells coming out about weekly which turned out to be duds.

There was the narrative of Trump being a racist. Trump was the toast of the town or toast of society for about 30 years and now that he is president, he is racist? The job numbers for people of color are better than ever recorded.

There is the heading-for-recession narrative. The USA has a $20 trillion economy. The USA would do better without a trade deficit with China and a rip off of technology but/and the G7 came out good for trade for the USA.

The anti-Trump narratives are about anti-Trump syndrome not about news.

Stanley J. Way


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