The Valdosta Daily Times Steve and Cokie Roberts Times article, “Bring refugees, sanctuary seekers here,” is credulous, deficient in informed judgment, naive. There are hundreds of millions of people wanting to get into the USA seeking asylum. How would that work out?

Sixty-two percent of those polled say open borders is a bad idea.

The rest of the quote from President Trump about Rep. Omar is “.. fix that country and then come back and show us how she did it.” He did say, “then come back.”

Those who cross the border illegally are illegals and who really needs to seek asylum?

Applying for asylum in the next-to country is also internationally recognized.

Some sanctuary cities (about all) have a homeless population in the tens of thousands with rat infestation. These cities are not exactly a sanctuary.

There were 1.3 million immigrated legally this past year. There are projected about a million undocumented (illegals) for this year. There are already tens of millions of undocumented in the USA including MS 13 gang members by the thousands.

President Trump has said time and again that he is for legals not illegals.

The last line “Bring them here”: who is to bring them? Aiding and abetting illegals is a felony. ICE would deport them after a judge ruling or not showing up.

Stanley J. Way,


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