The Valdosta Daily Times Jim Zachary’s Times article, July 21, about being called a racist, is fair enough, but racist calling thrown around like a political football is being beyond the pale.

CNN said “racist” about 1,100 times one day recently. They are using the word politically against Trump the President.

The four congresswomen of color known as “the squad” act like anyone who disagrees with them is a racist.

Ocasio-Cortez has called speaker Pelosi racist.

Every day “the squad” with other Democrats and the media want to talk about race, make it about race. They don’t want to talk about their far left proposals that are dangerous to the USA.

They want to decriminalize crossing the border, abolish ICE and the DHS and Ocasio-Cortez calls the President a law breaker. She also called areas at the border concentration camps.

Former head of ICE cited the law to Ocasio-Cortez at a hearing recently.

If there is one incendiary force in America today the squad is it, plus Democrats.

Stanley J. Way,


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