The Valdosta Daily Times Donald Lambro doesn’t consider the alternative, in his Times article, July 31, to the Trump budget deal.

The government is about to run out of money late August or early September while Congress is on their six-week vacation as Steven Mnuchin has pointed out. It was either make the deal early or have a government shut-down later.

Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have shown (one Christmas time) they don’t care about a government shut-down: they can blame it on Trump with the media going along with the Democrats.

In reality, the debt ceiling has to be raised so that more money may be borrowed to fund the government. Democrats take advantage.

This two-year agreement is better than continuing resolutions every few months that amount to the same thing.

There is $735 billion for national defense which is a plus.

Two-thirds of the budget is entitlements which no party wants to tackle.

Voters are going to have to decide in the 2020 election: freebies and more entitlements from the Democrats which would be trillions of dollars more spending, or not.

Stanley J. Way,


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