Forty-five members of the Republican party have the right to attend all of the impeachment hearings to uncover the truth. 

These members can ask questions or have their counsel pose questions. 

Unfortunately, they haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity to discern the facts of the case or attend and listen to testimony. But these same Republicans set up a weird protest. Why? Because they have no facts. 

These members have not conducted themselves well. 

This disregard for the secure meeting room should be handled by the sergeant-in-arms. Congress has taken a solemn oath to abide by the rules of the House in which they serve. 

As for their duty to represent their constituents — they are best served by less delay of the inquiry and more testimony. Both sides benefit if the inquiry goes forward and moves to a vote.

Stop the antics. We’re tired of drama. We want the truth!

Karen Noll,


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