Steven Roberts’ attempt to beatify Joe Biden is a slander against the Catholic Church and suggests a tremendous ignorance about what Catholics believe. 

It is especially damaging to publish the column in a town with a Catholic populace of about 10% — feeding the already woeful misunderstandings many Protestants have about Catholics.

Citing Mass attendance does not guarantee a person’s “devoutness” to the faith. Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago, one of the most corrupt mayors in U.S. history, attended daily Mass, but it appears to have had little effect on his decisions. 

Roberts, apparently impressed by Biden’s “piety,” apparently doesn’t understand that piety implies a dutifulness to God that, according to the Catholic Dictionary, “engenders an affectionate obedience to do what God commands.” If anyone can explain how expanding access to abortion reflects such obedience, please explain. 

Instead abortion is treated as a “right-wing Catholic extremist obsession.” I suppose that might be true if one can also admit how “obsessed” abolitionists were with slavery or how “obsessed” the world’s Jews were about the Holocaust. Was Solzhenitsyn too “obsessed” about communism?

Even more troubling are Roberts’ claims about a Catholic hierarchy who “despises” the pope and citing Archbishop Gomez as an example. Gomez, as USCCB president, would be neglecting his duty if he failed to call out any American leader on their blatant support for the destruction of life. 

This alleged hatred of the pope must surely be news to both Gomez and Pope Francis, who plans to personally address the archbishop’s Los Angeles Religious Education Congress next month.

It is easy to claim to be a Catholic. It is far more demanding to live as one and to claim such faith publicly invites scrutiny. Biden has creatively exploited his purported faith to suit his purposes for election. Other than that, he reflects a mere faction of Catholics, the fastest-declining faction in the Church: The pick-and-choose variety. 

One who lives the demands of the faith embraces it completely. That takes more than getting your picture taken with the pope. Even Yasser Arafat managed to do that much.


Robert Kumpel, Valdosta 


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