There was an elected man who declared World War I and entered us into the first world war.

There was a man who entered us into World War II.

There was a man who ordered troops in the Korean War. Also a man who entered us in Vietnam which was going through communist attacks, similar to Korea.

A man, just a human, made decisions to drop an atomic bomb from the Enola Gay plane. This bomb killed thousands of men, women, children but ended World War II.

Each man has to privately agonize over his decisions. No matter which one he chooses, he would be scorned by a large number of people. He will be called ugly names, his family will be fearful and the possibility of impeachment is always there. 

That is why we elect the strongest person for the job of president. No citizen has the desire to make decisions of that magnitude.

I don’t know if Trump was right or wrong. History will tell. I know that Trump’s mouth is his worst enemy. We would have no one to elect if we carried out bans on big mouths. That includes both parties. I will support the person who is president and I will pray for him.

Everybody who calls him ugly, should get on their knees and ask the Lord to never put them in a place where they would have to make those kind of decisions.

If anyone wants to put himself in that position, please run for office.

I will stand on the side lines and hope my vote will help them. If everything you say is derogatory and you have a big voice without fear, please run. Before you do, ask yourself a question only God and you will know about it.

Jesse Hamilton,


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