While driving through Valdosta on the way to her summer job, my daughter's 2001 Honda Accord blew a head gasket. It’s not clear to me quite how she wound up using Matthew's Automotive but I am phenomenally lucky she did. 

With this letter, I want to reiterate my gratitude to them and their staff, Scott in particular. 

In my experience, it’s very unusual for one shop to call another and speak technician-to-technician, yet Scott did just that. 

After describing the situation, both my shop in Norman, Okla., and Scott agreed about the issue and what best to do about it, which was to replace the car. But Matthew's then went the extra mile: Matt himself recommended Imperial Auto Sales as having the cars she would be most likely to find appropriate and saw to it that she got there safely.

Imperial Auto Sales treated her well, too, and let her test drive two cars, then take the one she preferred to Matthew's for an inspection. I worked through my credit union here in Norman, Okla., to get an automobile loan for the car, and put them and my credit union in contact. 

After verifying everything was on the level and that the loan would be issued, Imperial Auto Sales then gave her possession of the car even though they had not yet received the check from my credit union. I suspect that Matthew's helped steer her towards cars that are reliable based on their experiences, which I also deeply appreciate.

Based on her youth and inexperience, both she and I (because I couldn’t be there) could have been taken for a serious ride. Yet, that didn’t happen: Matthew's and Imperial Auto Sales treated her with respect and compassion, almost as if she were family. I can’t express enough how deeply grateful I am for that.

Well done, indeed, and thank you very much.


Kim Elmore, Norman, Okla.

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