- Dr. Gott's column helps reader lose weight

A few months ago I decided to lose a little weight. Well, I did it. Nineteen pounds.

The funny thing was that it wasn't really hard. After reading Dr. Gott's column in the VDT, I decided to try his no sugar/no flour route. I began substituting. For example, instead of a lunch sandwich I had yogurt and fruit but no cookies.

The choices of alternates are the easy part, however. It is the motivation that is hard, so here is a suggestion about how to get motivated, and to motivate others, like those tubby children we are seeing and reading about more and more.

Go into your favorite large grocery store, put a gallon jug of drinking water into your cart, push that around to the vegetable section and weigh it. It will register a shocking eight and one half pounds! Then have the person to be motivated carry that jug once entirely around the store by hand. By the time they get back, they will realize that an unnecessary overweight of only eight and a half draped around under their skin is a very tedious thing indeed.

Now ask why they (or you) are doing it day and night, putting bulges in clothing and dents in the mattress, and ask when they (or you) plan to decide to get that "Jug" off the body. Now buy the jug and put it on the pantry shelf at home, and when the urge to snack unnecessarily comes, take that jug out and tote it a few times back and forth in the house!

Antonio T. Criscuolo


Retired teacher

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