We are doing quite well, thank you. 

It is such a tired refrain to hear people talking about the demise of newspapers. 

And, it is just flat wrong. 

Community newspapers are a great success story that needs to be told. 

As for The Valdosta Daily Times, more people are reading the news we report than ever before. 

Yes, we have had to change with the times, adapt, grow and in some ways reinvent ourselves but what business hasn’t changed? 

More and more of our readers read articles online and fewer read the printed editions, but honestly that is to be expected. Technology has given us the possibility of reaching more people, more quickly with more information. Those are all very good things for our community. 

While negative people want to focus on negative narratives, pointing to a decline in print readership throughout the newspaper industry, the fact is the number of readers we have gained through digital sites and social platforms exceeds the number of print subscribers lost. 

As we crunch the numbers, we have some exciting news to share: The core market penetration of The Valdosta Daily Times is a staggering 83 percent of the total market. 

That’s right, when you factor current print and digital products produced by The Valdosta Daily Times, the newspaper reaches 83 percent of the market. 

Maybe we just haven’t done a very good job of telling our own story. 

For the longest time we have only talked about print circulation numbers but that is only one small part of the overall story. To be accurate, we have to talk about the total audience not just the numbers of people who prefer traditional printed newspapers. 

Don’t get us wrong. We remain totally committed to print and love delivering printed newspapers to your doorstep. 

But surely everyone knows news articles, features, sports coverage, video and podcasts are delivered every day throughout the day across our digital platforms and consumed on laptops, desktops, tablets and phones, nonstop. 

And we are writing more articles, taking more photos, producing more videos and podcasts than ever before. 

We are producing journalism that matters. We are publishing strong editorials, doing deep-dive reporting on important issues, receive more social media commenting, more letters to the editor and guest columns than ever before. 

We are winning more awards and have been named the Georgia Press Association’s General Excellence Award winner for the past two years in a row and have been recognized over and over again for defending the First Amendment and protecting the public’s right to know. Those awards, however, are not why we do what we do. Our commitment is first and foremost to this community, to holding the powerful accountable and providing you with the information you want and need to know.

And now we know our audience is larger than it ever has been. 

Thanks to you. 

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