Tomorrow is Veterans Day.

We should all take the time to thank those who served.

Our military veterans have defended our rights throughout the distant past of our nation’s history to the battles that are as fresh as today’s headlines.

Our veterans have stood at the vanguard to protect American lives, to preserve our American ways of life.

For this service, this dedication, this sacrifice, our veterans deserve our thanks at all times.

Tomorrow, Nov. 11, however, is especially marked on the calendar to thank our veterans.

Veterans Day should always be observed with a sense of honor, of thanksgiving, of remembrance.


Especially as so many of our servicemen and women remain in dangerous situations abroad.

In remembering and appreciating the service, duties and sacrifices of men and women who have worn the uniform in the past, we remind our current troops at home and abroad that we do not take their valor for granted.

In honoring our past servicemen and women, we make a silent promise to today’s military personnel that their service to our nation will not be forgotten.

By honoring our past veterans, we remind our former military members that their sacrifices and courage have not been forgotten and are still appreciated.

Ceremonies to commemorate Veterans Day should be attended to pay tribute to our veterans.

But we should also make the day an opportunity to thank every veteran or future veteran we encounter.

We should say thanks through a handshake or picking up the tab for a meal.

Or we can simply say, thank you for your service. 

To all of our veterans, we thank you.

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