How do you keep up with what is going on in town? 

Where do you learn how your tax dollars are being spent? 

How do you keep your eyes on local government? 

Where can you go to find out what county commission, city council, the board of education and, of course, the hospital authority, are doing, or not doing? 

How do you follow your favorite teams?

Where do you find out about concerts, plays, musicals, festivals and community events? 

How do you stay informed?

Where do you read obituaries? How do you learn the health department scores of local restaurants? How do know what property is being bought and sold in your neighborhood? How do you find out about new businesses coming to town? 

The one place you can find all of these things and more is your newspaper. 

Your subscriptions help ensure that local journalists can be at work each day holding public officials accountable, accessing public records, attending government meetings, uncovering corruption, while also covering community events, schools, recreational activities and, of course, local sports. 

By subscribing, you support local journalism.

By subscribing, you help keep an eye on the public purse and help hold elected and appointed officials accountable. 

By subscribing, you help celebrate our schools and tell the great stories of the people of Valdosta, Lowndes County and South Georgia. 

By subscribing, you help maintain a comprehensive calendar of events so you and everyone else can know all there is to do in our great community. 

You might not like what you get from the national media but your local newspaper is out in the community every day covering city council, county commission, the board of education, state government, along with positive coverage of our schools, businesses, churches, festivals and community events.

Things that no one else covers.

While covering all those things, we also give you an open and free marketplace of ideas, a forum to share your points of view through letters to the editor and guest columns both in print and online. 

Frankly, the future of local newspapers depends on subscriptions. 

When you subscribe to a local newspaper, you are doing more than paying to get the printed edition delivered to your home each day and getting full access to all our online products and services.

You are supporting local journalism. 

Maybe, receiving the daily newsletters in your inbox and the text alerts on your mobile device will help you see the value of the newspaper to the community and the need to support quality local journalism. 

For much less than the price of a cup of coffee each day, you can get full access to the print and digital editions and support important work, journalism that matters, in your community. 

Your News. Your Voice. Your Times. 

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