Readers should have everything ready.

South Georgia is expected to feel the effects of Hurricane Dorian. 

South Georgia residents should have disaster kits ready. The kit should include:

– Water and nonperishable food for at least three days. If bottled water was gone before you could purchase it, remember there’s plenty of water, now, from taps. Fill jugs and pitchers with water. Line bathtubs with plastic and fill the tubs. Water is plentiful, residents only need containers.

– Have a portable radio and flashlights with plenty of batteries, prescription medication, important documents and other special needs, such as baby diapers.

– Families should have an emergency plan so each family member knows how to find others. Have another emergency contact person who lives out of town.

– Residents should be ready for a possibility that power could be down for a few to several days.

Stay informed on evacuation orders and routes.

Check with your insurance agent on flood insurance and your homeowner’s policy.

But most importantly, we should all keep our heads.

Don’t panic.

Stay calm.

Stay rational.

Be smart.

Be helpful.

Be patient.

Attitudes may be the most important need in the coming days. We cannot afford a lack of these qualities if Dorian hits hard.

Stay safe.

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