Brad Raffensperger is courageous. 

It is easy to agree with your friends and oppose your enemies. 

It takes courage to oppose your friends and agree with your political enemies.

In his soft-spoken, gentlemanly way, Raffensperger stood up to the playground bully and history will treat him kindly. 

In an hour-long recording of a telephone conversation between the Georgia secretary of state and President Donald Trump, the president can be heard threatening Raffensperger, alleging he knowingly allowed people to vote illegally, going on to say that is a criminal offense and suggesting he could be criminally prosecuted. 

Trump insisted his fellow Republican "find" him the necessary votes to win the Georgia election. 

It is more than noteworthy that Trump did not say Raffensperger needed to "find" all missing votes but instead just the number needed to declare Trump the victor in the presidential election. 

The shakedown didn't work. 

It didn't work because instead of finding non-existent missing votes, what Raffensperger found was integrity and the courage of his convictions. 

Raffensperger plainly told Trump the election has been settled, checked and rechecked, and that any suggestion otherwise is based on false, unreliable, data. 

Biden won the election and carried the state of Georgia.

Why is the GOP not outraged by Trump's behavior? 

The answer is simple – they are accustomed to it. 

This call was simply Donald Trump being Donald Trump. 

The oddity in Georgia is that heretofore, both Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp have been the darlings of the state's Republican voters, and now they are public enemy No. 1. 

It is not because Raffensperger and Kemp have changed. 

They are both still Republicans and they are both still ultra conservative. 

So, what changed? 

They dared to stand up against the wild and reckless claims of an off-the-rails president. 

They opposed Trump. 

Look, you are either a conservative Republican or you are not. 

Kemp and Raffensperger are conservative Republicans. 

They are not, however, blind Trump loyalists. 

They both have supported him. 

They both voted for him. 

Neither of them are RINOs or closet Democrats. 

Anyone who says they are, is simply not being honest. 

The question is are you loyal to the principles of conservatism, to the platform of the Republican party and the core values of democracy or simply loyal to Donald J. Trump?

Raffensperger has shown exactly where his loyalties lie. 

He is a Republican and a man of integrity. 

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