Social distancing only works when you actually do it. 

While Gov. Brian Kemp failed to order a statewide order for everyone to shelter in place, he did restrict gatherings of more than 10 people. 

The city and county have also banned gatherings of more than 10. 

People in our community and across the state are ignoring those orders. 

If you choose to put yourself at risk that is one thing, but group gatherings put everyone at risk. 

Until there is a vaccine, social distancing is the most effective thing any of us can do to combat community spread of the coronavirus. 

What you do, or don't do, affects all the rest of us. 

When photos of groups of people gathered at Georgia lakes and parks were circulated online, it prompted the state to issue a warning that it would be enforcing the governor's order that prohibits public groups of more than 10 people. 

But why should people have to be fined or charged with a misdemeanor for violating the common sense order? 

We are not saying it is OK for people to violate the order. We are saying the exact opposite. 

We believe the order should be enforced. 

We believe it should be strictly enforced. 

We just think that it is ridiculous that enforcement is necessary. 

Public gatherings are simply irresponsible right now. 

We have seen large groups of young people here gathering, playing sports, playing in parks or in other kinds of recreation. 

Maybe these young people, or their parents, think it is OK because they are young. 

It is not. 

Young people are getting the virus as well and a toddler has died in another state. 

Maybe you think it is OK because no one in your group feels sick. 

It is not. 

You can have the virus and spread the virus even though you feel perfectly fine, health care experts are saying. 

Large groups of young people playing soccer or flag football is just a bad idea and is not social distancing. 

Then, there are the churches. 

The vast majority of churches have found innovative ways to keep congregants safe while continuing to be engaged. Ranging from live streaming services to parking lot drive-in church, accommodations are being made by responsible faith leaders. 

But we have heard some churches are continuing to have in-person services. 

Again, it is just irresponsible. Viruses do not know anything about sanctuary walls and there is nothing about worship services that makes people immune. 

We believe the governor should have been clear, decisive and smart and issued a statewide shelter in place order. He did not. However, he did ban groups and that ban must be enforced, locally and statewide. 

Even beyond that, everyone that can stay home just needs to stay home, stay healthy and stay safe. 

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