Buddy Carter, Drew Ferguson, Austin Scott, Andrew Clyde, Jody Hice, Barry Loudermilk, Rick Allen and Marjorie Greene need to clearly decide where their loyalties lie in this moment. 

These Republican U.S. representatives from Georgia may think they are between a rock and a hard place but they are really just standing between democracy and mob rule. 

Greene's wild conspiracy theories, total rejection of the Georgia presidential election outcome and verbal assaults on people who disagree with her politically, warrant censure at the very least. 

Allen, Carter, Clyde, Geeene, Hice and Loudermilk should apologize to the people of Georgia and lower their heads in shame for their objections to the certification of portions of the electoral college results even after the storming of the Capitol when many of their colleagues reconsidered their objections, including Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a Donald Trump loyalist. 

The storming of the U.S. Capitol by insurrectionists should be an inflection point for every lawmaker. 

We are not saying that Republicans should not be true to their Republican values. 

They ran for office as Republicans. 

They were elected as Republicans. 

It is reasonable they would legislate and vote as Republicans, being true to their conservative values. 

But insurrection is not a Republican value. 

Mob rule is not a Republican value. 

Rejecting the outcome of an open and free election is not consistent with what Republicans are supposed to believe and support. 

Since when would any Republican be in favor of disregarding the U.S. Constitution and overthrowing our democratic processes? 

These GOP lawmakers ran for office to support and defend American liberty, not to destroy it. 

We urge them all to reject reckless, baseless conspiracy theories, to accept the outcome of the presidential election and commit themselves to the peaceful transfer of power, working with the incoming administration for the good of the nation. 

Being a loyal Republican does not, cannot, mean being loyal to one individual, even if that person is Donald Trump. 

We urge Georgia's Republican delegation to resist the pressure and not cave to a loud, angry mob bent on tearing down our institutions. 

We call them back to the right side of history, laying aside reckless rhetoric and defending democracy above all else. 

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