Heat is nothing out of the ordinary for South Georgia.

But it sure does seem hotter than usual lately.

The mercury has pushed toward 100 degrees a few times. Combinations of high temperatures and humidity have led to several days when the heat index says it feels like more than 100 degrees outside.

We’re experiencing another spate of hot days now, according to weather forecasts.

Here are some things to remember as the days keep heating up.

• People should drink plenty of water. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can actually dehydrate the body rather than rejuvenate it.

• Use a damp cloth to keep yourself cool. Eat cool foods such as salads.

• Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

• Closing blinds and curtains at home during the day can keep houses cooler. Keep doors and windows closed to get better efficiency from overworked air-conditioning units.

• Keep pets cool, with plenty of water, and allowing them indoors, or at least a spot with plenty of shade.

• If exercising outside, use caution and common sense. Both exercise and the temperature increase the body’s temperature. Avoid the midday sun. Have a back-up plan by working out in the gym or inside the air-conditioned coolness of home.

The best way to deal with the heat is to pay attention.

If you feel too warm, stop, do something about it.

If you’ve been exercising or working outside too long, take a break, go inside, get cool, slowly drink a cool iced drink, restore fluids lost to sweat.

Pay attention to your air-conditioning. If it seems overworked, do something before it breaks down. Change the filters, adjust the thermostat, have a professional check it.

A little precaution, a little attention can go a long way. Because let’s face it. If this is the traditional South Georgia summer, cool days are still a long way off.

The heat is on.

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