No one is proposing coming into the homes of Georgia residents and taking away your guns. 

But taking guns away from people who have a history of domestic violence is smart and the right thing to do. 

Georgia House Bill 137 and Senate Bill 150 could save lives. 

Essentially, the measures would prohibit people convicted of family violence, including misdemeanors, from possessing or carrying a firearm.

Bill sponsor, State Sen. Jennifer Jordan, D-Atlanta, calls the proposal a common-sense piece of legislation, saying law-enforcement officers are behind it, district attorneys are behind it and that it makes sense because it has the potential to save lives.

We agree. 

Not everyone agrees. 

Some gun owners think it will be a gun restriction gateway, leading to more regulation down the road. 

We don't think so. 

In fact, federal laws already place some restrictions around people who have been convicted of domestic violence, and it is obvious those restrictions have not led to other kinds of gun control. 

Yes, it can be argued guns are not regularly used in the commission of domestic violence or against officers who respond to those crimes, but all it takes is once and it has happened much more than once. 

This is not a Second Amendment issue and is not about taking guns away from law-abiding men and women. 

It is about clamping down on people who do bad things, who harm others and who pose a threat. 

Responsible gun owners should be fully behind these measures. 

Bad actors, such as people who commit acts of domestic violence and threaten others, give those responsible gun owners a bad name when those bad actors use their guns to threaten, harm or kill. 

Who wants someone who has even threatened his family, saying he will kill someone, to have easy access to a gun when he gets mad or drunk or both? 

This is one example of how lawmakers can pass common sense gun legislation without assaulting basic Second Amendment rights. 

Every gun control measure is not an affront to the Second Amendment. 

Some things just make sense and are simply the right thing to do. 

We encourage our legislative delegation to get behind this push, and if you do we pledge to help your constituents understand you do not support coming into their homes and taking guns way from law-abiding gun owners. We will let them know how you feel about the Second Amendment. 

Abusers and firearms are a dangerous mix, plain, pure and simple. 

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