It was beyond impressive watching our community prepare for Dorian. 

Thankfully, we were not impacted in the slightest way by the massive hurricane that devastated the Bahamas. What happened there is absolutely heartbreaking and seeing aid pour in to the Bahamas from throughout the nation, Georgia, South Georgia, Lowndes County and Valdosta speaks so well of the people of our nation, state, region and community.

In the days — and days — leading up to what ended up being a non-event for this part of the state, we watched community leaders, local and state government, law-enforcement agencies, the military, first responders, Georgia Power crews, businesses and individuals prepare and ready our region for the worst.

Of course you cannot help but be impressed by the county's Paige Dukes and EMA's Ashley Tye, but they were not alone. Hardworking, dedicated, thoughtful men and women from multiple disciplines and varied experiences worked hand-in-hand to make sure our community was as prepared as it possibly could be. 

It is a great testimony to what we can and should always be. 

When it came to readying ourselves for what essentially was the storm that wasn't, there was no county versus city or any other kind of territorial turf wars, it was just people working together for a common cause and common good. 

No one cared who was getting credit for the preparations. There were no winners, losers or scorekeepers. 

Everyone was on the same team.  

Day in and day out, we can be way too siloed, and even myopic, in our approaches to things. 

It is fascinating to see how a tragedy, or in this case a non-tragedy, can bring people, institutions and even governments together. 

To be frank, we are always stronger together than we are apart, always stronger as one than we are as many, stronger united than we could ever be divided. 

Dorian was not productive of any good anywhere Dorian went. 

Dorian was destructive, devastating and deadly. 

We hope to never see another Dorian but sadly know there is always that possibility and next time we may not be quite so fortunate. 

The threat of Dorian, however, proved to be of some benefit if we were all paying attention. 

The storm that wasn't showed us what we could always be that we so often are not: United. 

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