WISENBAKER: The left and the importance of fear

Gary Wisenbaker

The pounamu stone, or “green stone,” is found in southern New Zealand. The name is representative of several types of hard and durable stones. Nephrite jade and serpentinite, among others, are in this geological family.

This stone takes on mythical and sacred qualities in the Polynesian legend about Te Fiti, the goddess the islanders of Motunui believed brought life to the ocean. She did so because her heart was a pounamu stone which gave her the powers to do so.

But then the demigod Mauri, a shape shifter, took the stone so that humanity might have the power to create life.

This didn’t work out so well (it rarely does). As Disney’s 2016 blockbuster movie “Moana” brought the story to life, the oceans began to fail and Polynesian island life became endangered as the islanders became unable to fend for themselves and their families.

And the people became fearful.

Like these islanders, Americans have generally and happily prospered. Over its history, there have been dark times but those valleys always led to higher mountains. And this is so because of the unique commitment America has had to the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as codified and guaranteed in its equally unique governmental framework: a democracy within a republic.

Such is America’s own pounamu stone.

But the United States is certainly not immune, like the islanders in the legend, to an erosion of its happiness and prosperity.

Indeed, it is the raison d’ete of the social Democrats, the far left, and most news outlets, including cable outlets, to fundamentally reshape this country in an image only recognizable by the true Marxist.

To do this, they must not only destroy President Donald Trump but the underpinnings of constitutional government as well. They know this is best done by intimidation in the press together with destruction in America’s cities (by the “idea” of Antifa, no doubt, according to Democratic nominee Joe Biden) as well.

Fear is their modus operandi. That it is their main “quiver,” if you will, is readily apparent in their blatant gas lighting.

Item: The ink wasn’t even dry on the President’s successfully brokered peace deal with Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, as well as between Kosovo and Serbia, when stories broke from “anonymous sources” claiming that the President denigrated American soldiers. 

The story was never corroborated; that wasn’t the point, the point was deflect from this historical foreign policy success for which he received three Nobel Peace Prize nominations. “Nothing to see here, folks, return to your homes.”

Item: The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced that September’s numbers evidenced a fourth straight month of expansion in service sector employment, the creation of 661,000 new jobs (for a total of 11.5 million since April), and that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.9%.

And the Institute of Supply Management recently reported the fifth consecutive month of growth as indicated by a PMI of 55.4.

By any measure these numbers represent astounding economic progress since the COVID shutdown yet went mostly unreported or gaslighted by reports of a struggling economy in shambles.

Item: When the President announced that he and FLOTUS contracted COVID the reaction from the anti-American cabal ranged from “he deserved it because he didn’t wear a mask” to those that hoped he died.

When his doctors gave reports of a rapidly recovering POTUS, they were accused of hiding the real truth. When he walked out of Walter Reed Medical Center 72 hours after being admitted, they said he was still critically ill.

And when POTUS tweeted, then later said on air, that COVID can be beat, don’t “be afraid” of it, and don’t let it “control your life,” rather than being praised for his Churchillian moment of giving hope to the country, they criticized him for dismantling their narrative of fear and, of course, not wearing a face mask.

COVID and fear, you see, trumps economic resuscitation and growth because it is the latter that gives the country real hope.

Surrendering the American pounamu stone to the shape-shifting self-proclaimed demigods of the radical left, socialist Democrats and media outlets must not be allowed.

America’s prosperity, happiness, and very survival is at stake.


Gary Wisenbaker (gary@realtyadvisorsga.com) is a Realtor at RealLiving Realty Advisors


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