WISENBAKER: Maybe it isn’t just about virus, social justice

Gary Wisenbaker 

Whether it’s “in these uncertain times” or “the new normal” or “we’ll get through this together” or “practice social distancing” or “wearing a mask shows you care” (pick any phrase), enough already.

Yes, there is a COVID-19 pandemic and, yes, it is a nasty virus that can cause the death of people, mostly to those of an advanced age or with pre-existing conditions. Yet the survival rate is still pegged at 99% (https://bit.ly/3hvwDSl) or, for the Swedes who never closed down schools, restaurants, businesses, or mandated masks, 99.998% for those under 60 (https://bit.ly/2CX1Oam).

The wildly inaccurate and faulty models relied upon by scientists, whom the political leaders in turn relied upon, brought America to the brink, if not immersed it, in economic and social disaster.

Nonetheless, lockdowns were ordered, businesses, schools and churches were closed. People suffered, and suffered a lot.

And all the media, print and electronic, as well as the Socialist Democrats found the spark and flamed the fire with panic and fear.

But why? Why would you root for the destruction of your own country?

Shutting down America meant ending the success of President Donald Trump’s economic policies. 

It meant putting millions of people out of work and making them even more dependent on the government with nothing to do but roam the streets, especially the young.

When people are frustrated, scared and mad they’re vulnerable. So it didn’t take much to create angry mobs when the wholly unjustified action of a Minneapolis police officer caught on film went viral. And the media with its Socialist Democratic playmates were only too happy to whip up the anger and fear.

Remember, this is the same media sworn to get President Trump out of office. And these are the same Socialist Democrats that have no accomplishments or agenda of their own. Together, they make a formidable assault against not only the President but against America and American values.

And they’ve wasted no time in doing just that.

Reporting on recent events on social media, television and newspapers have come as close as one can to glorifying the hateful nature of the “demonstrations” and riots. The assaults on police officers and other innocent citizens, taking over city blocks, and destroying public monuments all in the name of “Black Lives Matter” as captured by the camera are simply breathtaking.

The collective rage of the Socialist Democrats, news media and BLM over the pre-COVID economic success of the Trump administration, thus insuring his reelection, can only be measured by their willingness to seek the destruction of the country, as that’s the only way they can destroy this President.

And the proof is in the pudding.

While America began reopening, COVID-19 testing was also greatly expanded. There are now more known cases than when this re-opening began. For example, 152,000 tests were conducted on April 6. On June 25, over 635,000 tests were conducted (https://bit.ly/39qQSOb). It is axiomatic that if you increase testing by a factor of nearly 5, there’ll be more cases. It’s not as if there’s more new cases, it’s that there’s more known cases.

Yet the rallying cry by the left and their confederates is that there’s a “spike” and the country needs to lockdown again.

Well, maybe not.

Lost in the negative coverage of late is the fact that a little over 7.5 million jobs have been created since May, 4.8 million in June alone (https://bit.ly/2WP7OJe).  Also, the U.S. manufacturing index rose to 52.6 in June, up from 43.1 in May but you didn’t hear anything about that (https://bit.ly/30CPELX). And also swept under the rug was the fact that the stock market had its best quarter since 1998, indicating a short-lived recession (https://bit.ly/2Ea1Pbn).

All this is bad news for the unholy alliance. As big a problem as a successful economy is for these miscreants, it pales in comparison to that silent majority seven-ton elephant in the room who’s about to stick its head out the window and yell, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”


Gary Wisenbaker (gary@realtyadvisorsga.com) is a Realtor at RealLiving Realty Advisors.

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