RIVERS: SB 202 concerning to all voters

Adrian Rivers

Some people are claiming that SB 202, already signed into law, will help protect “election vulnerabilities that fueled controversy.” 

But the simple truth is that there was no systemic voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger said so, Governor Brian Kemp agreed, and Georgia election workers, including those here in Lowndes County, diligently labored through multiple recounts, and so did the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who conducted an audit to confirm the results. 

It is also claimed that private election funding was targeted to “known Democratic districts.” The courts have already found that this argument was without merit given that many rural and Republican counties received grants, including Lowndes.

Senate Bill 202 has created problems where none exist and cited unwarranted election reforms in the name of “securing elections.” Added to a list of changes contained in the bill that will impact our seniors and voters of color most, they have now taken away local control of our board of elections and put it in the hands of the GOP-controlled statehouse. 

SB 202 would empower a partisan state legislature to suspend, fire and replace any Lowndes County election officials and our entire board of elections.

GOP politicians in Atlanta have made it clear that they will move the goal post when election results are not to their liking. That should be concerning to all voters regardless of political party affiliation.


Adrian Rivers is with the Lowndes County Democratic Party.

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